Dear customers, partners and employees of CJSC Bank "Arvand".

By obtaining the License of the National Bank of Tajikistan No. 0000105 dated September 30, 2019, an important stage of the process of merging two credit institutions and transformation into a Closed Joint Stock Company Bank Arvand has been completed.

CJSC Bank Arvand values its reputation and long-term success, welcomes compliance by all clients, partners and employees of the bank with the requirements of the legislation, therefore, the implementation of measures to prevent and combat corruption, fraud is one of the priorities of the Bank.

The bank's activities are aimed at achieving such a level of relations with its customers, partners and employees, which are characterized by fairness, mutual trust, respect and cooperation.

In order to counteract, it is important for the bank to receive timely information about possible and known violations with signs of corruption and fraud, both from the bank's customers and partners, and from its employees, through all available communication channels. The Bank encourages the disclosure of information about alleged or known violations, as well as about any other actions (inaction) that may or may have led to violations of the law, and ensures the anonymity and confidentiality of the information reported. CJSC Bank Arvand is constantly developing, observing the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and applicable norms of international law, the requirements of professional ethics, high standards and best practices of corporate governance and conducting honest, open and transparent activities. A special role in improving the bank's activities is played by the corporate culture, an important element of which is the rejection of corruption, fraud in any of its manifestations.

Guided by the principle of "zero tolerance" to corruption and fraud, the bank has developed and operates Anti-corruption Procedures and a Code of Conduct for Employees, providing a unified approach to the organization of activities aimed at prevention and counteraction.

Sh.M. Sadykova

Chairman of CJSC Bank "Arvand"


Dear customers, partners and employees of CJSC Bank "Arvand"!

CJSC Bank Arvand, as a reliable financial institution, pays special attention to the development and improvement of the system of internal control and compliance risk management.

The Organization manages compliance risks based on the principle of the primacy of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan over the bank's own interests expressed in its internal documents and decisions of the bodies, officials and heads of the bank's divisions.

In order to organize the compliance risk management process, the bank has established a Compliance Control Service that reports directly to the Supervisory Board.

The Compliance Service monitors compliance of the bank's activities with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, regulatory legal acts of the authorized body, internal documents of the bank regulating the procedure for the provision of services by the organization and transactions in the financial market, as well as the legislation of foreign countries that affect the bank's activities.

Any person can contact the Compliance Control Service in case of detection:

Facts of violations by the bank or an employee of the bank of applicable legislation, including regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of Tajikistan and internal procedures of the bank.

Corruption offenses and facts of fraudulent actions involving bank employees.

Unlawful disclosure of bank secrets by bank employees.

  • Facts of legalization (laundering) of illegally obtained income and financing of terrorism using the bank's services.
  • Conflict of interest involving bank employees.
  • Violations of business ethics by bank employees.
  • Other violations related to the bank's activities.
  • To send a message to the Compliance Control Service, you can use the contact information.

Contact information for sending messages.

Persons who have become aware of the facts of violations in CJSC Bank "Arvand" can report this:

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