Signing an agreement with EBRD

Bank Arvand is the first in EBRD project to support small business!


Khujand, Tajikistan, "03" August 2020 - CJSC  Bank “Arvand” and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed an agreement on a financial package in the amount of 2 million USD as part of the “Solidarity Package” to support small businesses faced with the negative economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.


  • A loan of $ 1.5 million USD to support local businesses·        
  • $ 0.5 million USD trade finance line to support small and medium-sized businesses facing a downturn in business activity, lower turnover and lower revenues.
  • First EBRD transaction in Tajikistan under the “Solidarity Package” 


Small business is an important segment of the Tajik economy, and its support remains one of the priority tasks. The attracted resources will be used to create additional benefits and opportunities in the field of export-import operations, thereby mitigating disruptions in trade and supply chains, and contributing to an improvement in market conditions. The EBRD's financial package is the first in a “Solidarity Package” with a total planned investment of € 21 billion in 2020-2021. Bank "Arvand" has been a partner of the EBRD since 2006, since the signing of the first agreement. The Bank is actively responding to the economic challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic by providing financial resources to its clients and supporting the economic recovery in Tajikistan. Shoira Sadykova, Chairwoman of the Board of Bank “Arvand”, said: “On behalf of our entire team, I would like to thank the EBRD for its support and positive impact on the development of financial institutions and services in Tajikistan. Over the years, we have partnered to modernize and increase access to finance. We are also proud to have joined the EBRD's Trade Finance program, which will enable us to provide additional services to meet the needs of our clients. I wish the EBRD and Arvand to continue moving in the same direction as now, thus demonstrating that there are no restrictions for development.” Ayten Rustamova, Head of the EBRD Country Office in Tajikistan, said: “We are pleased to join forces with our long-term partner Bank “Arvand” to overcome the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and support small businesses in Tajikistan. Close cooperation with the financial sector and the provision of resources through sustainable, active and efficient market players will support not only the financial sector, but also viable local businesses in general.” Since its foundation in 2002, Arvand has focused all its efforts on achieving understanding, meeting needs and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation with the client. The organization's unsecured loans allow low-income families and micro-entrepreneurs to increase their income and improve their living standards. Along with financial services, Arvand also provides non-financial services - these are trainings and consultations. 

Today Bank "Arvand" serves clients in almost 70 offices in Dushanbe, RRS, Sughd and Khatlon regions, where about 900 qualified specialists maintain their work. The loan portfolio is over 36 million US dollars, and the number of clients reaches 40 thousand people. The share of loans issued for entrepreneurial activities by the end of the six months amounted to more than 80%. In addition to lending activities, Bank "Arvand" provides and develops other financial services such as savings, money transfers, currency exchange, settlement and cash services, etc.


Bank "Arvand" is making great efforts to develop remote banking services. So, to simplify non-cash payments, Internet banking, a mobile banking application and an electronic wallet have been introduced, which are currently used by over 7.5 thousand active customers.

CJSC Bank "Arvand" continues to direct all efforts to implement its mission - high-quality provision of demanded financial services to entrepreneurs in order to stimulate the socio-economic development of Tajikistan.