Sberbank online


We hasten to inform you that now customers and users of the Arvand app have the opportunity to receive money transfers from Russia to Tajikistan using the "Sberbank Online" mobile app.



1. To send funds from the Sberbank online application, the client needs to enter the “Payments” tab and select the “Abroad” option.



2. The tab "Transfers abroad" opens up, where the sender selects "By phone number".



3. In the tab "Transfer direction" selects "Tajikistan".


4. In the tab "Tajikistan" clicks on the "Bank Arvand" option.


 5. In the opened tab “Bank Arvand” enter the recipient's phone number and the amount of the transfer and clicks the “Continue” button.



 6. Checks the name of the recipient and the amount of sending and the amount credited in somoni, then clicks the "Pay" button where the amount of transfer is indicated.



Congratulations, the transfer was sent successfully.