Dear customers and partners!

On March 30 CJSC  Bank “Arvand” celebrates its 18th anniversary! Thanks to hard work since the founding of Arvand, we have achieved high results.

For 18 years, the Bank has formed a strong team of like-minded people, which fully reflects and proves the correctness of our chosen strategy. Many of the most important tasks have been solved and still have to be solved. A balanced financial policy, professionalism of the team, impeccable business reputation in the banking community of the country allows us to be proud of our present and confidently look to the future. What our Bank has become is not just the merit of the team, but also the result of customer trust. Transparency, professionalism, reliability are the values ​​that guide the Bank today. We thank everyone who has been with us all these years! All those who appreciated our work and trusted us. We wish you happiness, prosperity, good health and financial stability!