«CONTACT» system

«CONTACT» system

CONTACT — the first russian system of international money transfers and payments by individuals without opening bank accounts created in 1999.

Money transfers

CONTACT system allows you to send russian rubles, US dollars and euro in various ways:

  • In cash without opening account in CONTACT stores.
  • From VISA and MasterCard cards via internet using mobile phone.
  • In the branches of CJSC Bank "Arvand" launched new tariffs on transfers of CONTACT to neighboring countries.
  • From April 1 in the CJSC Bank "Arvand" there are reduced tariffs from 0.3% for money transfers via CONTACT system to neighboring countries.

The new tariff of the CONTACT system for money transfers to neighboring countries is reduced by 50% on average and ranges from 0.3 to 1% depending on the amount and country of sending. In addition, the maximum transfer amount was doubled - up to 600,000 rubles or 20,000 $/€

The commission for sending a transfer to neighboring countries is:

  • 1% for transfers up to 160 000 rubles., $6000 or €5000
  • 1600 rubles when sending a transfer from 160 000,01 to 600 000 rubles.
  • $60 when transferring from $6000,01 to $20 000
  • €50 when transferring from €5000,01 to €20 000

At this moment, the total CONTACT system service network in neighboring countries exceeds 26,000 stores. CONTACT transfers to neighboring countries are carried out in an addressless fromat - funds can be received at any store of the System within the country mentioned on the transfer. The current status of the transfer is available via free sms-informing or on the website of CONTACT system.