Loan for crop cultivation

Loan for crop cultivation

Loan concept Provision of loans to the rural residents for the cultivation, production, processing and storage of crops and to meet other needs of farming, as well as assisting in the development of the agricultural sector.
  • possibility to receive loan funds by tranches under the «credit line»
  • possibility to provide with flexible repayment schedule based on the client’s option and considering the peculiarity of agricultural activity
  • Individual approach to the client
  • Possibility of early repayment without penalties and interest payment only for actual used days
  • Possibility to receive a grace period
  • Incentives for repeated lending and availability of positive loan history
Loan amount

up to 100 000 TJS; equivalent in USD and Russian ruble;.

Loan term up to 36 months.
Interest rate (per annum)

from 25% TJS;
from 19% to 22% $;
from 28% Rus. ruble.

Commission fee 0%.
Collateral Flexible approach to collateral.
Requirements to borrowers Citizen of RT, age- from 18 up to 65 years old, with regular income.
  • Copy of passport;
  • Copy of Tax ID;
  • Certificate on land use/plot certificate/lease agreement/ statement from the Jamoat on availability of President land or farmland;
  • 1 Photo - size 3х4;
  • Passport copy of husband/wife;
  • Copy of passport, Tax ID and income statement (for guarantor).
Period of application review from 3 up to 5 days**


Updated: 09.11.2020

* Since the moment of provision of necessary documents

* Loan Calculation is made by annuity (equal) payments