Boxed insurance policy «TELOKHRANITEL»

You fell. You woke up. Gypsum? How often in our life we ​​are accompanied by such troubles - as fractures, injuries, cuts, leading to disability or even death. And what to do when you have loan obligations and you have to stay at home and recover your health? We thought for a long time what could help in such situations. This is an insurance policy - Teloikhranitel! This policy has established itself as a reliable assistant in case of unforeseen situations. Accidents, burns, fractures and injuries do not depend on us and we can only protect ourselves financially.

Insurance risks:
 — Body injuries
 — Disability
 — Death


— Insurance payment increases by 50% as a result of RTA!

Insurance value: 100 TJS
Sum insured: 10 000 TJS

ATTENTION! Insurance coverage is provided only as a result of accidents.