Boxed insurance product « SPOKOYSTVIE ZA RULYOM »

AUTOCASCO and Civil liability are two insurance programs without which you cannot drive the car! It's not just a financial airbag, it's prestige and confidence behind the wheel. «Spokoystvie zarulyom» - will allow you to save money on the repair of your car damaged in RTA. Additionally, this policy will protect you from the claims of victims of RTA that occurred through your fault.

Insurance risks: 
— Damage to the vehicle in RTA

— Civil Liability

- Payment for the tow truck

- Inclusion of up to three drivers into the policy

Insurance cost: 500TJS
Sum insured: 20 000 TJS

ATTENTION! Insurance coverage is provided only as a result of accidents.

List of partners for pre-insurance car inspection:

1) Car Service Station. Address: Dushanbe, Shokhmansur d, S. Aini st.  #128/1 (7 km)
2) Insurance Organization «BIMA». Address: Dushanbe, Sino d., #74/3 N/Makhsum str.74/3 (opposite the restaurant "Arbat")
3) Car wash «CIFAT VIP». Address: Dushanbe, I. Somoni d., #80 Dustii Khalkho st. (opposite the Khojiyen bar)
4) Car wash «SAKHO». Address: Dushanbe, I. Somoni d., #72/9 Shohtemur str. (opposite the theater "Lukhtak")
5) Auto parts «Korea Auto». Address: Dushanbe, Firdavsi d., #61 Kakhorova A str.
6) Auto salon «Ravon». Address: Dushanbe, Firdavsi d., #75 Kakhorova str.