Deposit «Volidain»

Deposit «Volidain»

How important to care of parents. Everyone knows how parents care about their children, because this is the meaning of their life. But we, in turn, also take care of our parents. These relationships are called family mutual understanding.

Purpose: The deposit is intended for individuals and legal entities, wishing to save their money for the monthly income as interests on deposits.

Terms: Deposit replenishment is possible up to half term. There is a possibility of monthly payment of interests on deposit. In case of early withdrawal, depositor receives the accrued interests at the rate of 3% per annum.

Currency Minimum deposit amount Term % Per annum Payout %
Local currency TJS 100     from 6 to 8 months 8% Monthly
from 9 to 12 months 10%
from 13 to 17 months 14%
from 18 to 24 months 15% 
Dollars USD 20    from 3 to 6 months 1% Monthly
from 6 to 9 months 2%
from 9 to 12 months 3%
from 12 to 24 months 4%


Deposit “Volidain” – care about your parents!