Shoira Sadykova


Education - High Education in economy

  • KBTUT - Khujand Branch of Technological University of Tajikistan, Khujand city, specialization: Economics and Management;
  • Rochester Technical Community College, Minnesota, USA, specialization;
  • Business Administration;
  • MBA Moscow Business School, specialization: Master of Business Administration;
  • Trainings on microfinancing of international level;
  • Certified Microfinance Expert. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
Work experience:

Shoira Muzaffarovna has almost 18 years of experience in microfinance and more than 15 years of experience in managing a microfinance organization.

Shoira Sadykova started her activity in NGO “Saodat” on “Oyanda” project, which provided loans in kind. She stood at the origins of the MicroInvest Microloan Fund, LLC MDO Arvand, and continues her career as Chairperson of the Bank Arvand CJSC.

Shoira Muzaffarovna is the Chairman of Arvand Bank CJSC. Winner of the prestigious international award “Woman in Business 2014” for “Promoting Gender Equality in a Financial Institution” and a significant contribution to the development of the financial sector in Tajikistan. Winner of the "Best Entrepreneur of 2019" award.