Gulnora Yakubova


Education - High education in economy and technology

  • KSU – Khujand State University named after B. Gafurov, specialization – Finance and Credit;
  • KBTTU – Khujand branch of Tajik Technological University, specialization – engineer - technologist;
  • MBA – Moscow Business School, specialization – master of business administration;
  • Training on microfinancing and management.

Work experience:

Gulnora Yusufjanovna havs started her activity in Kairakkum Carpet factory as an engineer technologist of the department of quality research work and technical centre standards management. And then she continued her activity in the banking system. She has got 8 years of work experience in the banking supervision department of the National bank of the Republic of Tajikistan.

In the microfinancing sphere she had passed a way from a loan officer to Director of Banking Products of CJSC Bank "Arvand", the position she holds presently. She is a member of  CJSC Bank "Arvand" Management Board.